AppJumbu - Personal Finance Manager

AJCOIN is the official token of AppJumbu

BSC Contract Address


Our Values

We start simple and keep innovating


We are open book and anyone can read it. All our metrics including the founders stakes,liquidity pool etc available in the white paper


In Chess we call it as Positional Player ie we combine both strategy and tactics to win in business

Non Linear

We don't develop or progress from one milestone to another in a sequential or logical way


We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We always think holistically and attack only Big Markets


8 Releases

150 Countries

3 Hard Workers


The whitepaper clearly explains the purpose of this project, traction and tokenomics


We kindly request every Traders & Investors to read our WhitePaper and understand our Token Economics before investing

The token of AppJumbu ecosystem is AJCOIN.

AJCOIN is a BEP20 verified smart contract executed on Binance Smart Chain as a token for community trading within AppJumbu ecosystem.

Full Token Name :   AppJumbu Coin

Token Symbol:   AJCOIN

BSC Address:  0x9EF99D58911F836C724006FD8B98C1D86074F4F0

Total Supply:   1 Trillion

Initial Burn:   100 Billion

Liquidity Pool:   100 Billion

Team + Future Burn:   800 Billion

LP Lock:   97% locked till 1/1/2026 (View )